Cognitive Science | Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive & Infor Science
Q540 | 15402 | C. Allen

Q540 ,  15402 ,  Colin Allen
MW, 9:30-10:45am, room: TBA
> Cognitive Science ,  Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive & Info
This course examines the motivations and challenges shaping the
cognitive sciences'multi-disciplinary attack on questions about the
nature of mental information processing.  The major goal of the
course is to understand how philosophical arguments and empirical
investigation have shaped each other and lead to new conceptions of
mind.  We will begin by examining the emergence of computational and
functionalist approaches to the mind-brain relationship, leading to
a comparison of classical symbol-processing and connectionist
accounts. We will look at how theoretical challenges to
computationalism combined with recent work > in robotics, dynamical
systems theory, cognitive neuroscience, and
> artificial life contribute to an emerging conception of mind that
> emphasizes embodiment and action. We will explore experimental and
> philosophical treatments of concepts such as symbol,
> meaning, and concept (itself).  Along the way we will encounter
> discuss some big but hard to answer questions about the nature of
> conscious experience, the evolution of human and animal minds, and
> boundaries of self and intentional agency in the world.