COLL-E 104 22772 Evolution, Religion and Society (Lloyd)(S & H)(3 cr.)

This topics course will focus on tensions and conflict between Biblical accounts of Origins and those offered by modern science. We will examine both the Creationist and Evolutionist sides of the debate about human origins. The recent revival of intelligent design arguments will be discussed as well. We will explore some of the legal and constitutional issues surrounding the teaching of evolution and/or biblical or religious accounts of origins in our public schools. The class will also discuss similarities and differences between evolutionary biology and other sciences that are taught in the public schools. We will examine the scientific arguments given both for and against evolution.

Readings for the course will include texts written by evolutionists and by creationists, as well as legal documents from the recent state and federal Supreme Court cases. The class will view a video debate about the topic, and will be asked to discuss the scientific merits of the arguments made for each side. The class will also be conducted in discussion sections. There will be in-class quizzes, and a mid-term and final examination. The most significant assignment will be the term paper for the course, in which you will be asked to take a particular point of view, examine reasons both for and against it, and write a final evaluation of the state of the debate.