English | Intro to Writing & the Study of Literature: Generational Stories
L141 | 21612 | Hedin

LECTURE: 21612  11:15-12:05pm  MW  JH 239

This course will focus on stories that address the relationship
between generations, with an overall - but not exclusive - emphasis
on parent-child relationships. The assumption behind this course is
that stories are the primary mechanism by which individuals and
cultures make sense of everything that matters to them. So I will
begin with a lecture on the way that stories do make sense of
things; the sense-making power of stories will continue as a focus
throughout the course. We will then turn to a wide range of stories
and forms - fairy tales, a children's book or two, fiction,
autobiography, film - in which generational issues are addressed.

There will be two lectures a week, plus two discussion sessions.
Students will be expected to write periodic quizzes, two essays, a
mid-term exam, and a final exam. They will also be expected to write
a generational story of their own.

Note: Students will need to enroll in a discussion section along
with the lecture.