English | Literary Interpretation
L202 | 16473 | Richard Nath

Richard Nash

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of the English Composition requirement.

Open to Honors students only.

9:05a-9:55p MWF (20 students) 3 cr. A&H, IW.

We will read, discuss, and write about a range of literary works
from the last four centuries.  Our primary attention will be on
developing those skills that are particularly useful in discovering,
articulating and exploring fruitful topics for literary analysis,
and in developing a better understanding of how to support
interpretive arguments with literary evidence.  Texts will include a
literary anthology of poetry, drama and fiction, supplemented by a
novel or two.  Intensive sessions being what they are, both the
reading and writing requirements will be heavy.  Several short
papers and a final exam will be required.