English | Literary Interpretation
L202 | 16477 | Jessica Luck

Jessica Luck

9:30a-10:45a TR (25 students) 3 cr., IW.

The goal of this course is to help you develop the skills to read
and analyze literary texts with understanding and pleasure.  Our
focus, then, will not be on any particular theme, but on the basic
elements of three literary genres—fiction, poetry, and drama.  The
course will give you the necessary tools for close reading in these
genres, as well as in texts that hybridize or subvert traditional
genre conventions.  Because this is an intensive writing course, we
will also focus on the genre of the academic essay itself, learning
how to translate these close reading skills into strong analytical
essays.  In short, the course seeks to help students become
perceptive readers and clear, coherent writers equipped with the
necessary vocabulary and techniques to analyze complex texts.

Course assignments will include weekly short responses sent via
Oncourse, unannounced quizzes over assigned material, four
microthemes, three critical essays, and a midterm and final exam.
The main anthology for the course will be The Norton Introduction to
Literature, Shorter Ninth Edition.