English | Feminist Literary and Cultural Criticism
L389 | 26016 | Karma Lochrie

Karma Lochrie

12:20p-1:10p MWF (30 students) 3 cr. A&H.

TOPIC:  “Queer Theory”

This course is the first course at IU exclusively devoted to the
study of queer theory.  Most people assume that queer theory is a
code word for “homosexuality theory,” but our use of the term will
be more broadly defined, using the definition of AnnaMarie
Jagose:  “queer describes those gestures or analytical models which
dramatise incoherencies in the allegedly stable relations between
chromosomal sex, gender and sexual desire.”  Queer theory,
therefore, embraces the interrogation of modern sexual categories
(homosexual as well as heteosexual), gender categories, and the
history of the evolution of these categories.  We will read essays
and monographs by some of the foremost theorists today, including
Judith Halberstam, Michael Warner, Judith Butler, Eve Kosofsky
Sedgwick, Lisa Duggan, Jose Munoz, and Michel Foucault, among
others.  In addition, we will look at a few literary and cinematic
texts by way of considering how queer theory might be used
to “queer” those texts.  Course requirements will include two
papers, as well as shorter response pieces, a midterm and a final