English | Victorian Britain: Culture & Society, 1820-1900
V611 | 26024 | Miller,

V611 26024 ANDREW MILLER (#4)
Victorian Britain: Culture & Society, 1820-1900

11:15a – 12:30p TR

This course is, emphatically, a survey, open to students interested
in any aspect of nineteenth century studies in any discipline—
romanticists, Victorianists, historians, historians of art and of
science, folklorists.

We will have two principal aims:  the analysis of the methods of
different disciplines devoted to the study of the nineteenth
century  and the rhetorical analysis of various forms of
professional writing.  And we’ll pursue these two aims
simultaneously, on the thought that one way to learn about the
intersection of disciplines is through careful study of the ways
that their practitioners write their conference proposals,
conference papers, and articles.  (We’ll write parodies some of
these—a cheap assignment, yes, but an instructive one too).  Writing
assignments will include a conference proposal, an annotated
bibliography, and a conference paper. Along the way, we should
develop a preliminary understanding of the current state of
interdisciplinary study of the nineteenth century, and a hopeful
sense of the intriguing, valuable research and teaching that remains
to be done.

This semester V611 will also take advantage of an extraordinary
opportunity:   the joint conference of two interdisciplinary
societies, the North American Victorian Studies Association and the
North American Society for the Study of Romanticism.  The
conference, which is free for graduate students at IU, will be held
at Purdue on the first weekend of  classes (August 31-September 3,
2006).   The proceedings of the conference will serve as a
springboard for our work, providing us with an immersive
introduction to our fields. Note that attendance at the conference
will be required for students in the course:  in the early weeks of
the semester we will refer back to conference events regularly.
Information about the conference can be had at the official website:

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or special