English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 16531 | Robert Bledsoe

Robert Bledsoe

16531	1:25a-2:15p	M	(144 students) 3 cr.

16532	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(18 students)
16533	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(18 students)
16534	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(18 students)
16535	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(18 students)
23338	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(18 students)
16536	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(18 students)
16537	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(18 students)
23337	3:35p-4:25p	WF	(18 students)

W103 is an introductory-level creative writing course in poetry and
fiction designed for students who do not necessarily have experience
in creative writing, but who possess a genuine desire to learn more
about it.  Through practice, assigned readings, lectures, and
discussion, students will gain a better understanding of how poems
and stories are made.  Students will learn to read as a writer reads
not only for what a text is saying but how a text is saying it, and
apply that to the writing of original poems and stories.

The class meets three times a week, once in Monday lecture on the
basic elements of poetry and fiction, and twice (Wednesday and
Friday) in discussion sections for the close study of contemporary
poetry and fiction assigned in lecture, and consideration of student

The course includes two exams, extensive in-class participation, and
a culminating portfolio consisting of significantly revised original
student work (four poems, one short story and all drafts).

NOTE: This course does not satisfy the English composition