W303  27760  Writing Poetry
Catherine Bowman
09:30a - 10:45a  TR   (15 students)  3 cr.

Prerequisite: W103 or W203 or equivalent.
Obtain authorization from BH 442.

Much of class time will be devoted to discussion of the poems you have written. In this class students will write poems focusing on voice, texture, form, sound, and accuracy of intention. There will be assignments and exercises that experiment with a variety of structures and strategies. We will most likely visit the Art Museum, the Lilly Library, listen to music, watch some films, and read several collections of poetry and critical essays by poets.

To apply to this class, place five poems, your e-mail address, and a list of creative writing classes you’ve taken (and names of instructors) into Cathy Bowman’s mailbox in BH 442 at least one week before your registration day. Submit your manuscript as soon as possible, as places will be filled as people apply – if you have a late registration date, apply at the beginning of the period to reserve a space. No places will be saved for late registration. I will e-mail those admitted to the class. After you have been approved, the Creative Writing Secretary in BH 442 will issue you an on-line authorization.