English | The Craft of Poetry
W383 | 27762 | Maurice Manning

Maurice Manning

PREREQUISITE:  W103, W203 OR permission of instructor.

11:15a-12:30p TR (15 students) 3 cr.

In this course we will examine in detail specific elements of poetic
craft.  This will include the function and effect of figurative
language such as simile, metaphor, anaphora, apostrophe, and
metonymy.  We will also look at received poetic forms such as the
sonnet, haiku, limerick, and villanelle, as well as open form.  But
our starting point will be to look closely at the poetic line, how
that line functions in metered verse, and how it establishes form in
free verse.  Students can expect weekly writing assignments, a
couple of essays, and a presentation.  Readings will come from a
giant anthology of Modern English-language poetry and a book or two
on prosody.  The course will be mostly discussion, but students will
be expected to share their writing.