Folklore | Producing East Asian Ethnography
F600 | 23196 | Janelli

This seminar examines contemporary and influential ethnographic
writings on the vernacular and popular cultures of China, Japan,
Korea, and their diasporic populations. It gives particular
attention to the strategies currently used to craft ethnographies
about East Asia in light of shifting theoretical orientations, are
how these theoretical pursuits in turn are influenced by social,
political, economic, and intellectual developments. Required
readings are in English.

F600 Requirements.  Each participant is asked to:
(1) Submit a series of two-page synopses setting forth: (a) the main
point(s) of each week's assigned reading prior to its discussion in
class, and (b) two written questions for class discussion.  These
submissions will be graded and will contribute 25% of the semester's
(2) Contribute to class discussions (25%)
(3) Submit a draft of an original research paper relevant to the
seminar and one week later endure 30 minutes of constructive
criticism from the rest of the class (25%)
(4) Submit a revised research paper of about 20 to 30 pages (25%).