Folklore | Performance Studies
F750 | 21675 | Bauman

Meets with CMCL-C 502.  This course is a graduate-level introduction
to performance-oriented perspectives on the study of social life. We
will explore the principal conceptions of performance that shape
performance studies in the humanities and social sciences, with
attention to their intellectual history, their epistemological
correlates and implications, their descriptive and analytical foci,
and their potential for integration. More specifically, we will
consider (1) performance as practice; (2) performance as
performativity; (3) performance as theatricality; (4) performance as
artful communication; and (5) performance as display event.   We
will balance our attention between the exploration of theoretical
and analytical perspectives on the one hand, and ethnographic, case-
study examination of specific performance forms on the other.


Bauman, Richard. 1977. Verbal Art as Performance. Prospect Heights,
IL: Waveland Press.
Turner, Victor. 1982. From Ritual to Theatre. New York: PAJ
Anthology of readings, available on e-reserve.