Germanic Languages | Introduction to German Literature: Types
G305 | 17240 | Lawson

Introduction to German Literature: Types
(3 cr.) [A&H]
Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum grade of C-.
Recommended: G330.
Study of literary types (dramatic, narrative, lyric) with examples of
each selected from two or more periods.

G305 enables students to improve their reading proficiency in German
through their close study of 2 longer, unedited literary texts and
several short poems. Regular classwork will include systematic
vocabulary building and attention to points of advanced grammar and
usage, and will acquaint students with older forms and styles.
At the same time, both the course readings and the regular class
discussions will focus on formal and technical literary means by which
authors from widely different times treat related motifs, themes, and

We will read: 1) Der Vorleser, the 1995 novel by Bernhard Schlink
[ISBN: 3257229534]; 2) Maria Magdalena, a play by 19th century
dramatist Friedrich Hebbel [ISBN 3423026278]; and a set of ca. 20
poems from widely different periods.  Available from instructor.

Students should own a good dictionary. Recommended are:
Oxford-Duden German Dictionary, 2nd edition [ISBN: 0-19-860365-7]
Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary, 2nd edition [ISBN: 0-19-864230-X]
Langenscheidt New College German Dictionary [ISBN: 0887290213]

Students enrolling in this course should have completed G330
(or a higher course) previously.