Germanic Languages | College German Teaching
G500 | 17254 | Susanne Even

G500 - German College Teaching (MW 2:30 - 3:45, 3cr)

Required of all Associate Instructors in Germanic Studies in their
first year of teaching at Indiana University. This course is also
open to Associate Instructors teaching a foreign language in other

The course offers an introduction to methods of language teaching
from the last 50 years, with particular emphasis on current
communicative and task-based approaches and will usually follow a
workshop format. We will look at the underlying theories on which
the methods are based and how these translate into practical
classroom applications for college-level language courses. Issues of
assessing foreign language proficiency, including the Oral
Proficiency movement and the Standards for Foreign Language Learning
in the 21st Century, will be addressed along with their implications
for task design.

For students from departments outside Germanic Studies, arrangements
will be made for language-specific assignments.

Texts:  Richards, Jack/Rodgers, Theodore S: Approaches and Methods
in Language Teaching, 2nd Edition. ISBN 0521008433