Gender Studies | Sex, Gender & the Body
G105 | 17278 | Comella, L

Concepts of self are shaped and expressed through understandings of
the nature of the body.  Culturally speaking, bodies tend to be
assigned to categories and to be ascribed certain tendencies,
abilities, or deficiencies based on these understandings. These
assigned categories and ascribed characteristics are often shaped by
notions of sex and/or gender. This course addresses sex and gender
as culturally and historically specific constructions of difference
and identity, which are intertwined and inform one another.  It
investigates the ways that perceptions of sex and gender are
realized in and through the body as actor and the body as subject of
discourse. The investigation of these issues leads into the domains
of cross-cultural comparison, science, health, sexuality,
reproduction, and body image.  This course is excellent preparation
for further and upper level studies of gender, the body, sex
differences, political, social, international, philosophical,
anthropological, and cultural studies of men and women.