Spanish and Portuguese | Catalan Language and Culture I
C400 | 25807 | Professor Josep Sobrer

HISP-C 400 Catalan Language and Culture  (3 credits)
R:  Knowledge of another Romance Language.

An introduction to Catalan culture beginning with the basics of the
Catalan language. A solid knowledge of another Romance language is
required and assumed of all students. Counting on such knowledge,
the course will be an intensive study of the language, geared
primarily at reading knowledge, but not limited to it. The course
will also set the bases for a cultural overview of Catalonia and the
Catalan linguistic area with special attention to the essential
differences with the cultures of nation-states.

Students will work with a textbook, DIGUI-DIGUI, with hand-out
materials, and with a compact-disc course available at the language
lab. As all these tools are meant for self-teaching, students are
expected to do a fair amount of self-organization and independent

Beginning with the second week, the class will be primarily
conducted in Catalan.  There will be weekly quizes and two exams.

HISP-C 400 #25807 1:00AP-2:15P TR  Room=TBA  Prof. Josep Sobrer
Note: Above section of C400, #25807 may count toward the 300/400-
level elective for the Spanish major.