Spanish and Portuguese | Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World I
P500 | 25764 | D. Sadlier

Professor Darlene Sadlier

P500	Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World I

TR 4:00pm  5:15pm/class# 25764/3 cr./Room TBA

The first of a two-part survey of literature in Portuguese, this
course will cover works written from the medieval period through
romanticism in Brazil and Portugal. The emergence of an
African/Brazilian literature will also be discussed. Representative
authors and works serve as the basis for interdisciplinary and cross-
cultural commentary of important social, political and historical
issues. Readings will include poetry, prose, and theater selections.
Students will write a midterm and final exams as well as a short
research paper.

This course meets jointly with P400 & P498.