Spanish and Portuguese | Luso-Brazilian Colloquium
P695 | 25810 | L. Namorato

Professor Luciana Namorato
Email: TBA

P695 Luso-Brazilian Colloquium
Topic: Foreigners in their homes, strangers in their bodies

TR 2:30pm – 3:45pm/class# 25810/3cr./BH 321

This course will examine novels, short-stories, and poems of
twentieth and twenty-first century Brazilian and Portuguese
Literature that introduce characters marked by a disturbing feeling
of social, cultural, metaphysical, and/or linguistic displacement.

Tentative List of Readings:

- Raduam Nassar. "Lavoura Arcaica" (1975)

- Clarice Lispector. "Laços de Família" (1960) and "A Legião
Estrangeira" (1964) (selections)

-Antonio Lobo Antunes. "Os Cus de Judas" (1979)

- Moacyr Scliar. "O Centauro no Jardim" (1980)

- Caio Fernando Abreu. "Morangos Mofados" (1982) (selections)

- Silviano Santiago. Keith Jarret no Blue Note: "Improvisos de Jazz"

- Marina Colasanti. "O leopardo é um Animal Delicado" (1998)

- Bernardo Carvalho. "Nove Noites" (2002)

Requirements: All students will write a midterm and a final exam.
One paper (8-10 pp.) will be required of undergraduate students,
while graduate students will write a 13-15pp research paper.