Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish American Literature 1
S471 | 25814 | Professor Alejandro Mejías-López

HISP-S 471 Spanish American Literature 1 (3 credits)   LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent

In this course, we will study Spanish American literature from the
moment of conquest to the early 20th century.  Looking at the role
of writing and literature during the colonial period, the formation
of the independent nations, and the process of modernization in the
last third of the 19th century, we’ll pay attention to the interplay
between aesthetic, cultural, and ideological concerns.  We will read
and discuss in class a wide variety of works, including texts on the
discovery and conquest from different positions, the protofeminist
writings of Catalina de Erauso and Sor Juana, poetry of independence
and identity building, the national romances of the 19th century,
slave narratives, gaucho poetry, anti-immigration novels, and the
modernist poetry and anti-US imperialism writings of José Martí and
Rubén Dario.  By exploring the process of how Latin America has
been “written” in the past, this course also aims to provide
students with a solid background that will help them better
understand Latin America in the 20th century and today.

Class attendance and participation are essential to the success of
the course.  Assignments will include one in class presentation,
short papers, and a final paper.  The course will be conducted
entirely in Spanish.

HISP-S 471  #25814  1:00P-2:15P  TR  Room=TBA
Prof. Alejandro Mejías-López