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HISP-S 498 Readings for Honors (3 credits)          LINGUISTICS
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent

This course is for majors who are doing Honors in Spanish.  This
HISP-S 498, #17495 meets with HISP-S 428 Applied Spanish
Linguistics.  If you are leaning toward Linguistics for your
background on your honors thesis, you may want to consider taking
this HISP-S 498 course.

HISP-S 498  #17495  1:25P-2:15P   MWF  Room=TBA   STAFF

Contact Karla Allgood in BH 844 for permission or e-mail

Descriptions for HISP-S 428 follows:

HISP-S 428 Applied Spanish Linguistics  (3 credits)   LINGUISTICS
Prerequisite: S310 or equivalent for those students who matriculated
prior to Summer 2003. S326 for those students who matriculated
Summer 2003 or after.

The field of Applied Linguistics encompasses several areas of
research and has as its primary goal the application of linguistic
theory to problems of actual language use.  Applied linguists employ
the basic theoretical concepts of linguistics in the examination of
the language spoken by populations as varied as second language
learners and native speakers from a particular region or social
group.  Students enrolled in this course will begin by examining the
fundamental concepts of second language acquisition and of
sociolinguistics. The latter portion of the semester will be
dedicated to the direct application of these constructs to issues in
Spanish grammar.  This second half of the course will be organized
by grammatical construct and will cover many areas of linguistics:
phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.  Students
will review the basic rules for using each linguistic construct and
will then examine research that has applied such linguistic
knowledge to the study of language acquisition and the study of
language use by native speakers of Spanish. This course will be
especially helpful to students interested in teaching Spanish in the
future and to those who enjoy examining the varieties of Spanish
spoken by populations around the world.