Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Historical Grammar
S501 | 25815 | M. Clayton

Professor Mary L. Clayton

S501	Spanish Historical Grammar

MWF 9:05am – 9:55pm/class# 25815/3 cr./Room TBA

S501 is intended for students in Hispanic Linguistics as well as for
others interested in a linguistic approach to the history of the
Spanish language.

The course presents the major developments in the evolution of the
sound system from Latin to Spanish as well as some of the major
changes in morphology. The first section of the course begins with
an introduction to the Latin sounds from which we will trace Spanish
origins and to the problems of determining the pronunciation of a
language no longer spoken. The second section is preceded by a very
brief review of relevant Latin morphology. If time allows, a short
unit at the end of the course will examine texts for examples of the
phonological and morphological changes that we have studied.

Menéndez Pidal, Ramón. (1940). "Manual de gramática histórica
española". 6th edition, reprinted as 18th or later. Madrid: Espasa-

Penny, Ralph. (2002). "A History of the Spanish Language". 2nd
edition. Cambridge University Press.

First exam  	22.5%
Second exam	22.5%
Quizzes, other assignments and participation	20%
Final exam	35%

Latin (L300 or equivalent) must be taken prior to or concurrently
with S501.