Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Medieval Literature
S510 | 25817 | O. Impey

Professor Olga T. Impey	

S510	Spanish Medieval Literature

MW 11:15am – 12:30pm/section #25817/3 cr./Location TBA

This course will offer both a survey of  Spanish medieval literature
and an in-depth reading of specific literary works, which will be
examined in close connection with the historical, social and
cultural contexts that produced them, and with the literary
traditions, conventions and genres to which they belong.

The aim of S510 is to develop in students the interpretative acumen
and analytical skills that will enable them to comment cogently on
Spanish medieval texts and on the world view they reflect.

The reading list will include Poema de mio "Cid", "Milagros de
Nuestra Señora", "El Conde Lucanor", "Libro de buen amor", "Cárcel
de amor", "La Celestina" as well as other short narrative and poetic

S510 will be taught in Spanish. Lectures will alternate with seminar-
type classes. Close reading of each work, and familiarization with
the fundamental criticism and bibliography of Spanish medieval
literature will constitute the core of the course. Students will be
evaluated on the basis of their participation in class, an annotated
bibliography or a research paper and two written examinations.