Spanish and Portuguese | Methods of Teaching College Spanish
S517 | 21294 | T. Greenslade

Professor Terri Greenslade

S517	Methods of Teaching College Spanish

MW 8:00am  9:15pm/class# 21294/3 cr./Room TBA

This course offers a foundation in approaches and techniques for the
teaching of Spanish at the college level from the perspective of
language acquisition research and second language instruction. The
objective of the course is to examine how theory and research inform
effective second language teaching in the classroom. After an
introduction that includes a survey of the history of language
teaching methods, we will analyze various factors that affect the
rate and ultimate level of attainment of foreign language learners
and how to utilize this information to make language learning as
effective as possible. In addition, we will discuss theoretical
issues and the pedagogical implications of the communicative
approach as it applies to the four skill areas: speaking, writing,
listening and reading. Evaluation will be based on exams, oral
presentations, class observations and self-evaluation,
participation, and preparation of a teaching portfolio.