Spanish and Portuguese | U.S. Latino Literature
S588 | 25818 | L. Dávila

Professor Luis Dávila
Phone: 855-5257

S588	U.S. Latino Literature

MW 1:00pm – 2:15pm/section #25818/3 cr./Location TBA

This course will give the student a panoramic view of U.S. Latino
literature.  Many of the readings are on the M.A. Reading List or
are closely pertinent, or relate to it.

Special consideration will be given to treating the post-
nationalistic consciousness of U.S. Latino literature, the movable
centers of race and ethnicity it addresses, its Third World
hybridity and the continuing dialogic conversation between Spanish
and English-speaking cultures that it reflects.  A discussion of
Borderland theory, Latina feminism, and recent post-colonial
perspectives will also incorporated into the course.

Selections from Tomás Rivera, Gloria Anzaldúa, Julia Alvarez,
Rosario Ferré, Sandra Cisneros, Pedro Juan Soto, Alejandro Morales
and others will serve as a basis for our discussions.

One short mid-term paper and a longer one, towards semester's end,
will be assigned.  No final exam.