Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Linguistic Variation
S612 | 25819 | C. Félix-Brasdefer

Professor César Félix-Brasdefer

S612	Topics in Linguistic Variation / Language in Context

Topic: "Conversation Analysis: Issues in Spoken Discourse in Spanish"

MW 4:00pm – 5:15pm/class# 25819/3 cr./Room TBA

After a review of general concepts in pragmatics and discourse
analysis, this course will critically review the existing literature
in conversation analysis; in particular, our discussion will focus
on research in conversation analysis in different varieties of
Spanish. We will discuss methodological considerations for the
analysis of naturally occurring data, followed by an analysis of
studies that have utilized experimental data to examine aspects of
(Spanish) conversation. Students will write a research paper on one
aspect of conversation analysis (L1 Spanish), contrastive analysis
of both Spanish and English conversations, or interlanguage
pragmatics (L2 Spanish conversations), and will transcribe native or
learner conversational data according to the tools of CA. The
following areas of conversation and topics in pragmatics may be
considered for writing a research paper: the sequential organization
of talk, the organization of turn-taking, preference organization,
the organization of laughter, overlapping talk, topic organization,
repair, delay, politeness, sociopragmatic variation in two varieties
of Spanish, and discourse markers. At the end of the semester,
students will give a professional presentation of the research paper
in a colloquium that will be open to faculty and students at Indiana
University. Course evaluation will consist of class presentations,
short written reports, an annotated bibliography on one aspect of
conversation, and a final research paper.

Requirement: S508 or equivalent.