History | African Popular Culture
E300 | 27691 | Moorman

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates only

African marketplaces, streets, taxis and homes abound with the
images and sounds of popular culture.  Music, film, video, sports
and dress are just some of the practices and forms of popular
culture prevalent on the African continent today.  In the past 20
years, but even more so recently, historians have given more and
more attention to popular cultural practices as a legitimate area of
historical study.  The music people danced to, the soccer games they
attended and played in, and the films they watched can yield
valuable historical information about daily life, politics and even
local economies.  In this course we will study material from various
parts of the African continent and from different historical
periods.  We will think about questions like: can fun be
subversive?  What is the relationship between popular culture and
politics?  And, what kind of historical source is popular culture?