History | African Civilizations
H227 | 17557 | Hanson

Above class carries culture studies credit
Above class meets with AFRI-L 231

What meanings can we draw from Ethiopian traditions which claim that
Queen Makeda was the ‘Queen of Sheba’ in Biblical accounts? Why does
the memory of Shaka, a 19th century Zulu king, still resonate in
contemporary South Africa? This course focuses on the histories of
four African civilizations, drawing on the evidence in written
documents, archaeological digs and cultural forms (popular memories,
rituals, art objects, etc). Course lectures are complemented by
audio and visual materials. Readings include an introductory text
and selected African narnarratives. Four exams (consisting of
several IDs and short answers, and one essay) contribute equally to
final grade. Course required for the African Studies certificate. No
previous knowledge of African history is required.