History | Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe
H640 | 26263 | Veidlinger

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only

This graduate colloquium seeks to familiarize students with major
historiographical issues relating to the history of Russian and
Eastern European Jews, with particular emphasis on the Jewish
communities of the late Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian
Empire, and the Soviet Union.  Topics may include the Jewish
enlightenment, the Hasidic movement, Jewish-Polish and Jewish -
Ukrainian relations, Russian legal policies toward the Jews, Jewish
assimilation in Russia, Jewish participation in the Russian
revolutionary movement, the origins of modern Jewish politics
(Zionism, Bundism, Territorialism), antisemitism, Soviet policies
toward the Jews, Jewish life in interwar Poland, the Holocaust, and
the postwar Jewish experience in the Soviet Union.   The course will
acquaint students with key works of historical scholarship on the
topic and introduce students to primary source material and
reference works.   Course grades will be based on short response
papers and a 20 page final paper.