History | Across the Century to War: Antebellum U.S.
H650 | 17565 | Stowe

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Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with AMST-G620

We will be looking at the “long Civil War,” by looking at U.S.
social and cultural history from the 1820s through the war.  The
emphasis will be on historical works and issues which aim to capture
and interpret Americans’ historical experience of nationalism,
gender, race, religious faith, and the Romantic individual, and the
ways in which these framed subjectivity and defined alliances in the
nineteenth century.  We will look at how recent study of the Civil
War includes a long “run up” to the outbreak of the conflict, and at
how issues raised by antebellum history have shaped new visions of
the meaning of the war.  The focus will be on works, mostly recent,
by historians and others, with some primary source reading as well.