Honors | Gender, Sexuality & Pop Culture (HON)
H299 | 26312 | Brenda Weber

This course meets with GNDR-G 225.  To enroll in both courses, see
HON-BM 299, class number 26312.

H299: M 4:00-4:50pm
G225: MW 12:45-2:00pm

The body functions as a critical register of our lived experience
and of our culture’s values. In thinking critically about cultural
messages about embodiment, particularly as related to gender and
sexuality, this class will open up other forms of cultural critique.
One of the basic premises of this class is that cultural values do
not arise out of nowhere. Instead, they offer very precise
information about power, privilege, and cultural transformation. As
members of a culture, we all have a certain form of cultural
literacy already. Examining more closely how we read cultural
information, empowers us to better understand and respond. When we
begin to think more critically about how and why gender and
sexuality are written on the body in Western popular culture, we
gain a greater understanding of what our culture values (and is
afraid of). We can also more actively participate in the
construction of both our culture and of our own lives.