Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Mentor Leadership Development
R100 | TBA | Bob Vantine

Description of course content:   This course is a practical way to
learn and apply mentoring skills and strategies through supervised
peer mentoring.  Course activities will increase knowledge and enhance
skills essential to the delivery of responsible, high quality
mentoring service.  Course readings, assignments, and class sessions
will provide foundation for understanding the process of mentoring,
ways of understanding human behavior, and forces that shape that
behavior.  Through reflection, the professional, ethical, and moral
dimensions of responsibly taking on the role of mentor in the life of
another person will be examined.

As meaningful connections are developed between concepts and
experience, this course will provide students the opportunity to
enhance leadership capabilities, communication skills, and the
potential to positively influence others through the mentoring process.

Required Book List:  Vantine, Robert (2005)  Mentor Leadership
Development.  Bloomington, IN:  Mr. Copy.

Cohen, Norman (1999)  The Managerís Pocket Guide to Effective
Mentoring.  Amherst, MA:  HRD Press.

The course reader by Vantine is available at Mr. Copy, 501 E. 10th
Street (corner of 10th and Dunn) and Cohenís book will be available
from your Course Instructor.

Summary of Assignments:

E-mail submissions		 			200 (10@20pts)	
Exam (Open Book, In-Class)	 			100		
Mentoring Evaluation:  Pre-Course 		 	 50		
Mentoring Evaluation: Post-Course			 50		
Mentor Leadership Development Paper		        100	
				Total Points    	500