Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Tourism and Commercial Recreation
R236 | 18128 | Jong-Hyeong Kim

Description of course content:
This course concentrates on commercial recreation, especially travel
and tourism
industry. The course provides students with an overview and analysis
of tourism industry.
Objectives include: to understand the structure of tourism industry
and its related
parts, recognize the motives and needs of different types of
travelers, be able to
understand travel and tourism from a business perspective, and become
familiar with
different marketing strategies.

Required Book List:
Crossley, J.C., Jamieson, L.M., and Brayley, R.E. (2001). Introduction
to Commercial Recreation and Tourism, (4th ed.). Champaign-Urbana, IL:
Sagamore Publishing.

Summary of Assignments:
Students will be asked to complete both individual and group
presentations. In each assignment, students will analyze specific
aspects of the current travel and tourism
industry applying both their experiences and the class learnings.
Details regarding the
assignments, topics, and quizzes will be provided during the semester.