Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Integrated Resource Management
R338 | TBA | Bruce Hronek

Description of course content:  An interdisciplinary and ecological
approach to understanding basic resource management concepts,
integrated management practices, and implementation of resource
policies for parks, recreation, and leisure services.  Field trips
provide an opportunity for on-the-ground survey of natural resources.
The course is designed to provide the student with an understanding
of the social, biological, and physical sciences that underlie sound
land use planning and management.

Required Book List:  Douglas, Robert W., Forest Recreation Fifth Edition

Summary of Assignments:  Field labs on first four Friday afternoons.
Required class paper, classes include lectures and student involvement
in resource management scenarios.  Subjects covered include, planning,
field survey, financing, wildlife management, timber management,
watershed/soil management, cultural resources, insects and diseases,
range management, ecology, trail systems, forest protection, and
mineral management.