Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Leisure Program Development
R367 | 18151 | James Farmer

Description of course content:
Students will learn the intricacies of developing and facilitating
leisure programs through the application of the recreation program
process, combined with a direct service experience with local
agencies.  Program activity planning, budgeting, and public relations
will all be addressed within the course, and its application to
leisure services.

Required Book List:

Recreation Programming: Designing Leisure Experiences	Rossman
1571675515	Sagamore

Summary of Assignments:

A variety of assessments will be used to evaluate studentsí knowledge
and ability regarding leisure programming.  Students will be
participating in a semester long service learning experience, working
with local agencies each week, and designing/facilitating leisure
programs.  Students will also complete a 5 page essay pertaining to
her/his area of study, a midterm examination, a final examination, and
hand-in a final report pertaining to the service learning experience.
Participation points will also be allotted on a random basis.