Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Legal Aspects of Recreation, Parks,
R441 | TBA | Bruce Hronek

Description of course content:  The course provides students with an
understanding of the risk management process, negligenc4, intentional
torts, constitutional torts, strict liability, stand of care,
attractive nuisance and other legal subjects.  The course is aimed at
avoiding or reducing the probability of litigations.  The various
legal topics will be examined ;through a combination of learnng
experiences: Socratic approach lectures, problem based learning,
individual study, examinations, outside reading, a short written
paper, and law library research.

Required Book List:  Hronek and Spengler, Legal liability in
recreation and sports, 2nd Edition

Summary of Assignments:  Assignments include introduction to law with
emphasis on preventing litigation and providing a safe environment for
employees, participants, and visitors.  A short legal paper is
required.  Three examinations will be given during the semester.  The
first Friday will include an introduction to the Law Library.  By the
end of the semester students will be involved in moot court. .