Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Management of Leisure Services
R466 | 18164 | Dr. Rasul Mowatt

Class Times  11:15a – 12:05p	Days:  MWF

Description of Course Content:. This course has been designed to
engage students with various topics and concepts while equipping them
with fundamental strategies and tools that will be useful and
necessary in leading and administering a public, non-profit,
commercial leisure service agency, or a division of an agency.

Recommended Book List:
There is no required text for this course, but there are a number of
e-reserve readings.

Summary of Assignments:
•	Exams.  There will be a total of two exams: 1) objective and short
answer; and 2) essay format, given during the semester.

•	Case Studies.  Real-life situations will be presented corresponding
with the topics of discussion in class.  The purpose is to apply
course tools, concepts and analysis to develop a response to each case

•	Reaction Writing Assignment.  Each student will be required to
complete and submit five out of seven possible one-page writing
assignments based on readings assigned in class.
•	Management Activities:  Each student will be required to complete
and submit three activities. The first: Board Meeting Report, each
student will be required to attend a public board and summarize the
topics and group dynamics in a brief report.  The second: Agency
Assignment, each student will identify and write a three-page paper
summarizing a leisure service agency’s organization chart, mission
statement, and policies and procedures. The third: Manager Interview,
each student will identify and interview a person who works in a
management position within the RLS industry.

•	Management Issues Presentation.  Students will work in groups to
research and present a management issue to class.