Health, Physical Education and Recreation | HR Management in Leisure Services
R471 | TBA | Sarah Young

Description of Course Content:  Principles and practices of human
resource management in recreation and leisure service agencies,
emphasizing the skills necessary to manage full-time, part-time, and
seasonal employees and volunteers.  The class will consist of
lectures, discussion, case studies, video presentations, and
exercises.  Opportunities for supervisory skill develop in the
classroom will be provided.

Required Book List:
Byars, L. L., & Rue, L. W.  (2006). Human resource management (8th
ed.)  Boston, MA:  McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Summary of Assignments:
•	Exams.  There will be a total of three objective and short answer
exams given during the semester.

•	You’re the manager:  What would you do?  Real-life situations will
be presented corresponding with the topics of discussion in class.
Each student will react to the situation in writing, supporting their
position with at least 2 references from lectures, library resources,
and/or by conversation with a professional currently in the field.

•	In-Class Activities.  Activities will take place periodically
throughout the semester during class time.  Students attending class
that particular day will receive credit for application
assignments/activities completed in class.  Students absent on those
days will not be able to make up the in-class assignment.

•	The Apprenticeship.  A web-based learning module designed to
incorporate a variety of different learning methods (i.e., on-line,
in-class, peer review) while covering key dimensions of human resource
management.  Students will be required to complete assignments for
each unit as well as develop a professional portfolio showcasing HR
tasks for specific RLS positions.