History and Philosophy Of Science | Scientific Reasoning
X200 | 18240 | Karaca, K

Scientific Reasoning
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
12:20 p.m.-1:10 p.m.
Koray Karaca

In this course we will study various aspects of critical thinking
and draw comparisons with common sense reasoning. We will examine
inductive and deductive arguments and common mistakes (fallacies)
associated with them. We will also study causal reasoning,
explanation and hypothesis testing in science. The last part of the
course will be devoted to the study of important ideas from
philosophy and history of science, such as the demarcation between
science and other realms, scientific revolutions and progress in
science, scientific rationality and explanation. A topic from the
history of science that will concern us towards the end of the
course is the questionable thesis that science is separate from
society at large.

Text: Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking (4th Edition) by
Merrilee Salmon.