Jewish Studies | Colloquium in Jewish History
H520 | 25460 | S. Magid

JSTU-H 520 Colloquium in Jewish History   ,  4 cr  ,   S. MAGID
W 4:00-6:30 p.m. (class #25460)

Topic:  Theory, Method, and Historiography in the Study of Judaism

This colloquium will explore the history of the study of Judaism in
the academy. The focus will be on theoretical and methodological
approaches across various disciplines. We will begin with the
classical historicist school in the 19th century and move on to
consider approaches and lenses such as Marxism, Zionism,
psychoanalysis, cultural studies, scriptural reasoning, new
historicism, post-colonialism and literary theory. Readings will
include Graetz, Geiger, Dubnow, Scholem, Bialik, Baer, Freud,
Yerushalmi, Boyarin, Ochs, Ha-Livni, Fishbane etc.