Leadership, Ethics and Social Action | Beyond the Sample Gates
L105 | ALL | staff

LESA-L 105, Beyond the Sample Gates, Topics requirement for the
College of Arts and Sciences, S&H

This is a service-learning course, and the FOUNDATIONS course for
the minor in Leadership, Ethics, and Social Action.  Two-three hours
of weekly service in a community organization is required in addition
to reading, reflection, and analysis, using web tools and group and
individual work.

Service-learning combines the service ethic of volunteerism with
critical thinking skills and academic knowledge.  We discuss moving
from the perspective of community service to one of “service
politics,” where individuals can act as co-creators of a public,
common good, connecting service to systemic social change.  As you
learn to make informed and reasoned decisions and act responsibly on
your knowledge and convictions, you will be doing the work of a
citizen, the work of political action.

We will discuss questions like these:  What is the role of
volunteering in addressing social problems?  How can you strengthen
your leadership skills and your voice toward becoming an agent of
change?  What cultural assumptions influence your decisions and
actions?  In addition, you will be encouraged to follow your own
questions to a deeper level—to enjoy taking your own ideas seriously
enough to work them out in logical detail and to give them the
language they deserve for the consideration of others.

For further information, contact lesa@indiana.edu, or see the
website at www.indiana.edu/~lesa.