Labor Studies | Labor and Religion
L290 | 28939 | Mishler, Paul

LSTU-L 290 Labor and Religion Class Number 28939; 3 cr.

This course will explore the relationship between the world
represented by religious faith and that represented by laborís
struggle for economic justice.  In some periods these two
perspectives were seen as opposed to one another, and in others
naturally connected to each other.  We will approach this topic in
two ways both based in the experience of the United States. First we
will look at historical efforts to link the two perspectives. Then
we will look at current issues which impact on this relationship.
Many labor activists are also active in their faith communities. Yet
there is little discussion in either place which would help people
develop a common perspective.  Equally important is that religious
language is currently used politically to mobilize Americans against
laborís agenda. We need to explore how and why that has happened.
Instructor: Paul Mishler, DLS, IUSB.