Labor Studies | Labor Research Methods
L430 | 27829 | Kiser, S. Jane

The following is a web based course offered through ONCOURSE.

LSTU-L 430 Labor Research Methods  Class Number 27829; 3 cr.  What
kind of information does your union need to give it a fighting
edge?  This class will teach you to find and how to comprehend all
kinds of information you can use in organizing or contract
campaigns:  information about your employer  its strengths and
weaknesses  as well as its position in its industry (if private)
and the local economy.  We will dig into everything from court
records to NLRB data to the Directory of Corporate Affiliations You
will work on a research term project that benefits an Indiana union 
perhaps your own  to get the hands-on research experience you
need.  Instructor: S. Jane Kiser, DLS, IUN.