Latin American Studies | Maya Culture in Film and Video
L401 | 31467 | Castaneda

2nd 8 weeks Course

Maya Culture in Film and Video:
Anthropological Analysis of Educational Film

This course provides students with the tools to make so¬phisticated,
anthropological analysis of educational films and video. The focus
of the course are Maya peoples and cultures as they are represented
in archaeological films, educational films, ethnographic video,
documentaries, and even Hollywood or com¬mercial film. Students are
required to view 1-2 films each week outside of class time. Students
develop a set of analytical guide¬lines by which to critically
screen and understand film. These tools are used by students to
create notes that are brought into class for discussion and debate.
Assigned readings are linked to the films. Essay exams, readings,
participation, and film notes are considered for the final grade. NO

Mel Gibson's film on the Maya
Inci¬dents of Travel in Chichén Itzá
Lords of the Jungle
National Geographic, Lost King¬doms of the Maya
Joseph Campbell, film on the Maya