Latin American Studies | Latin American & Caribbean Languages
L425 | 18560 | Tandioy


2:30-3:45pm    TR

Professor Francisco Tandioy, member of the Inga indigenous community
in southwestern Colombia, teaches this introductory class in Inga
Language and Culture. Inga is the northernmost dialect of the
Quechua language family, the language of the Inca Empire, currently
spoken by more than 13 million people in the Andean republics of
South America, an area extending from southern Colombia to northern
Argentina and Chile (and including Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador).

Leaning Inga, also known as Runa Simi (“the mouth or tongue of human
beings”) opens a gateway into the many wonders of indigenous
cultures in the Andes. The object of this class is to introduce
students to the language and culture of the Andes. Students should
obtain a beginner’s ability to speak Quechua as well as insights
into the indigenous world and Andean patterns of thought.

Students will work with the lessons in An Inga Instructional Grammar
and the associated sound recordings with spoken models and
exercises. Professor Tandioy will provide additional cultural
resources including photographs, videos, and audio recordings. Also,
students will be assigned background readings on the history and
culture of Quechua-speaking Indians.