Military Science | Individual Leadership Studies
G201 | 18838-18839 | Brady

MIL G-201 – Individual Leadership Studies (2 credits. No
prerequisites. Offered in the Fall)

The first semester of the MSL II year is designed to develop within
cadets knowledge of self, self-confidence, and individual leadership
skills. Through experiential learning activities, this course builds
on the fundamentals introduced in the MS-I year, focusing on
communications, leadership, goal setting, and problem solving, “life
skills”. Learn and apply ethics-based leadership skills that develop
individual abilities and contribute to building effective teams.
Develop skills in oral presentations, writing concisely, planning of
events, coordination of group efforts, advanced first aid, land
navigation and basic military tactics. The course concludes with a
major leadership and problem solving case study. Leadership labs,
physical training sessions, and one weekend field training exercise
make this course challenging, extraordinary, and fun. Interested
cadets can participate in the ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program
(SMP), allowing them to serve in the US Army Reserve or National
Guard while participating in ROTC (optional and not open to
scholarship cadets). Extracurricular activities (optional) include
Ranger Challenge, Pershing Rifles and Little 50 / 500.