Military Science | Leadership and Problem Solving
G301 | 18842 | Guyer

MIL G-301  Leadership and Problem Solving (3 credits. Contracted
cadets only. Offered in the Fall)

This course prepares cadets for success at the Leader Development
and Assessment Course (LDAC) held at Fort Lewis, WA, and as Army
officers. MSL 301 challenges cadets to study, practice, and evaluate
adaptive leadership skills as they are presented with the demands of
the ROTC Leader Development Assessment Course (LDAC). Challenging
scenarios related to small unit tactical operations are used to
develop self awareness and critical thinking skills. Cadets receive
systematic and specific feedback on their leadership abilities.
Cadets begin to analyze and evaluate their own leadership values,
attributes, skills, and actions. Primary attention is given to
preparation for LDAC and the development of leadership qualities.
Opportunities to lead small groups and receive personal assessments
make up the leadership development program. Instruction in troop
leading procedures and operations orders is emphasized.   Periodic
weekend leadership labs, physical training and a weekend field
training exercise are mandatory course requirements. Extracurricular
activities (optional) include Ranger Challenge, Pershing Rifles and
Little 50 / 500.