Military Science | Leadership and Management
G401 | 18844-18845 | Arnold

MIL G-401 – Leadership and Management (3 credits. Contracted cadets
only. Offered in the Fall)

Staff activities, counseling theory, and Practice within the “Army
Context,” Training Management, and Ethics. The introduction of these
subjects early in the MS IV year has the added benefit of preparing
cadets to lead the cadet battalion throughout the remainder of the
year.   While the proficiency attained in each of these areas will
initially be at the apprentice level, cadets will continue to
sharpen these skills as they perform their roles as cadet officers
in the battalion and after commissioning. MSL 401 develops cadet
proficiency in planning, executing, and assessing complex
operations, functioning as a member of a staff, and providing
leadership performance feedback to subordinates. Cadets are given
situational opportunities to assess risk, make ethical decisions,
and provide coaching to fellow ROTC cadets. Cadets are challenged to
analyze, evaluate, and instruct younger cadets. Both their classroom
and battalion leadership experiences are designed to prepare them
for their first unit of assignment. Cadets identify responsibilities
of key staff, coordinate staff roles, and use situational
opportunities to teach, train, and develop subordinates. Periodic
weekend leadership labs, physical training and a weekend field
training exercise are mandatory course requirements. Extracurricular
activities (optional) include Ranger Challenge, Pershing Rifles and
Little 50 / 500.