Philosophy | Introduction to Philosophy
P100 | 20258 | Fraser

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the basic
substance and process of philosophy. We will accomplish this by
adopting an immersive, “hands-on” approach; students will be
introduced to five classic philosophical questions, as well as to
various responses to these questions that have been suggested by
philosophers both living and dead, to wit: Does God exist? What can
we know about the world around us? Can machines think? Are we really
free to act as we choose? Which actions, if any, are right, and
which are wrong (and, moreover, how can we tell)? We will read some
challenging texts, and think long, hard, and critically about them.
Success will require three things: mastery of our various texts’
philosophical content, the ability to think clearly and critically
about that content, and the ability to communicate one’s thoughts in
a clear and logical manner. It will not be supposed at the outset
that students already possess these latter two abilities (at least
not in any refined form), but by course’s end the attentive and
engaged student will (with some hard work) emerge so endowed. Grades
will be based upon class participation, occasional quizzes, exams,
and papers.