Political Science | Democracy and National Security
Y311 | 27928 | Khanani

The primary goal of this course is for each of us to further develop
our critical thinking skills. Given our subjects, this should entail
forming a more nuanced notion of what, exactly, democracy is (or
might be), how and why nations exist, and alternative notions
of ‘national security’ in modern polities. Although the term
democracy and the phrase ‘national security’ have gained tremendous
usage in common vernacular in the recent past, the majority of our
class discussions and course readings will place concepts and theory
before empirics. Having said that, I have included a series of
articles related to our conceptual and theoretical readings that
should help us locate the abstract notions we examine at a more
practical level.

Please bear in mind that since this is an upper-level undergraduate
course we will encounter a series of complex concepts. To develop a
solid grasp on these we will read texts that can be dense and
intricate. I expect that you will need to spend a good amount of
time and effort on our readings since I assume that you are
committed to mastering the text, and, in the process, earning high
grades. If you fall behind you will probably find that the readings
add up quickly, and it may significantly impair your ability to
succeed. For these reasons, it is important that you stick closely
to the reading schedule.