Political Science | Russian & Soviet Foreign Policy
Y368 | 25553 | Spechler

This course will examine the evolution of Soviet foreign policy in
the period after World War II and the foreign policy of Russia since
the collapse of the Soviet state.  Topics may include the legacy of
the Russian past and of Soviet experience in international affairs
before 1945; the impact of ideology on Soviet and Russian decisions
and actions; and the institutions involved in the making of Moscow's
foreign policy.  Readings, lectures and discussion will analyze
Soviet conduct during the Cold War, the changes in Soviet policy
that led to the end of the Cold War, and Russian's relations with
the other former Soviet states, the West, the Middle East and China
in the post-Cold War era.  We will also discuss the continuities and
discontinuities between the foreign policies of the USSR and
contemporary Russia and the dilemmas Russia faces in a new and very
different world order.  Students will participate in a role-playing
exercise, in connection with which they will write two short
papers.  There will be two closed-book exams.  There will be a
course reader and a textbook, The Foreign Policy of Russia, by
Robert Donaldson and Joseph Nogee